WHY I LEFT nyc as well as transferred to AUSTIN

Posted: 5/12/16 | may 12th, 2016

I’ve been a new Yorker for the last three as well as a half years. At least, as one who travels as much as I do can be called a regional anywhere.

I like nyc — the hustle as well as bustle, the crowds, the range of food, the mixed drink bars, the culture, the theater, as well as the people! I liked whatever about it and, as the center of the travel media world, it was a great location to be professionally.

Yet, as my lease expired as well as my roommates transferred to Boston, I understood I didn’t want to stay longer. I needed to get out of new York. I needed a change. Running around the world makes it difficult to produce positive routines as well as practices in your life. They do not go together.

Over the last year or so, I’ve focused on being a much better version of me: much better sleep, healthier eating, much more exercising, as well as a lot of other things I won’t mention here. I realized living in nyc makes it difficult for me to do that. atmosphere plays a huge function in exactly how we establish as well as modification as well as my atmosphere in nyc just isn’t great — it was as well simple to always go out, go to events, drink, be a glutton, as well as spendera pengar.

And, as somebody who likes to take the simple method out, I requirement an atmosphere that provides me that structure as well as forces me to change.

So when it concerned choosing to stay or leave, I understood I had to leave — as well as that Austin was the very best choice. I own a hostel in Austin, I have buddies as well as company relations in the city, as well as I desired a location that had much more outside activities as well as a less workaholic culture.

I don’t believe you can run away from your issues — they comply with you anywhere. But, when you are wanting to modification the practices in your life, the atmosphere you put yourself in is important. You requirement a location where you can produce a long lasting foundation. You requirement to be away from unfavorable triggers.

And people to assist you do that.

I like all my buddies dearly, however my Austin buddies are much more the “eat healthy, go to bed early, as well as workout” type, as well as I requirement that best now. It’s like when you are believing about traveling — if you surround yourself with naysayers, you’re going to internalize what they say.

A supportive as well as motivating neighborhood is what you need.

And I requirement somebody who is going to shut Netflix off as well as take me to the gym.

It’s simple to keep on the program you’re going since it’s the path of least resistance. I might have quickly stayed in nyc as well as tried to do whatever I want to do there. I may have succeeded.

But I many likely wouldn’t. I understand myself as well as my buddies as well well — our concept of a great time is not the gym; it’s the steakhouse as well as a bar.

I’m refrained from doing with new York City. I already miss it. My present plan is to be in Austin for a year as well as then relocation back to NYC.

Or perhaps I won’t. perhaps I’ll stay right here — or end up in Paris.

Vem vet!

The future is uncertain.

But I do understand that I’m looking ahead to this new city as well as adventure. I have an completely new part of the country to check out as well as discover about.

And, to me, that’s what being a nomad is all about!

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