Black Island, Busuanga: The new shade of Paradise in Palawan, Philippines

Upon get in touch with with light, the walls of the cave sparkled as if covered with a girl’s bestfriend. He threw the light on the other corners as well as they, too, shimmered like diamonds stashed away in the dark. “There are numerous caves as well as chambers such as this under this mountain,” he stated proudly to an excessively thrilled audience — we, his audience. “But they’re inaccessible today,” he added. as well as the audience let out a long sigh.

Harold, our boatman as well as trip guide, led us out of the second cave we went to that day. The caves are most likely long as well as deep however we were only enabled at the mouth, leaving us wanting, drooling for more. Still, we were not disappointed. Its depths may be elusive for now however this island has provided us so much for the day.

Whoah! The most significant chamber of the caves
In a sea of rounded peaks, Black Island is the strange guy in these freckled waters of Busuanga. strange man, yes, however not out. Its toothed tops as well as heavily contoured walls are not inviting however imposing, not nurturing however overpowering. The island does not beg for interest (like I do), it commands it.

Our very first step on the island was an event on its own. We jumped off the boat as well as discovered our soles feet devoured by the thick dough that greeted us. The sand was so soft, I was taken to the time when I very first fell in like with Panglao Island. however before we might have a possibility to lie on it, laze on it, or roll on it, our hole-crazy boatman dragged us to the caves, which he had been pimping to us because the day before.

Our very first peek at Black Island
Black Island aka Malajon Island in Busuanga, Palawan

The Caves

We schlepped to the towering dark wall after the beach as well as at its base we discovered two openings leading to the digestive tracts of the mountain. We climbed a short ladder, an simple entry, into the huge chamber of the very first cave. Its floor is cracked open, enabling a peek to the chilly crystal water that filled its miniature lakes. Stalactites decorate its ceiling as well as rocks covered in sparkling white silica comprise its walls.

Syempre, photo muna
Entrances to the caves
The other is less welcoming. with its little doorway, it demands its visitors to bow down to her before she might let you in. sunlight barely leaks into it. like the very first cave, its walls radiate when bathing in scarce light. Harold directed his flashlight at the ground that bore traces of a fresh pit. “It wasn’t such as this before,” he stated in a unfortunate tone. “They were most likely trying to unearth something. They ruined some parts of this cave. It utilized to be all covered with this rock.” He chosen up a little rock, an obvious fragment of a bigger body, possibly part of the ground or the wall. The piece, too, glittered like a lump of gems.

“There’s one more cave that links this beach to one more on the other side of the island,” Harold excitedly showed us. Unfortunately, it was inaccessible for the ladder that leads to the mouth of the cave was broken.

Rock formations inside the caves
White silica covering the walls of the caves of Black Island


A long ridge of white sand sheen like genuine ivory about to be seized by huge black claws that froze just in time. From the top of the cliffs, the rich greenery seems to overflow to the base. From right here the beach slopes steeply, as if the gods who produced it all of a sudden stop in the middle as well as disposed all the grains without spreading it out evenly. Yet, it carefully slides under the waves. It’s a broad as well as pleased playground for the beach lover.

Don’t keep the beach waiting!
See exactly how broad that beach is. ideal for all type of beach activities. (Not what you’re thinking!)
With a snorkel as well as a water resistant video camera in hand, I rushed to the water as soon as we emerged from the caves. It was high midday however my thirst for a sprinkle was drowning my worry of the severe sun. I zoomed across the tickling sand as well as dipped my deal with in the water for a look at some parts of the sunken ship that had been washed ashore. It seemed like I wasn’t the only one ignoring the solar threats. My blog writer buddy Mica was already enjoying the view beneath when I shown up as well as on the other end of the stretch was a group of foreign travelers floating around the rich snorkeling site just meters away from the shoreline.

Part of the ship that sank near Black Island
That’s attractive Mica of
Also called Malajon Island, Black Island earns its name from the dark-colored karst cliffs that stand tall at the center of the island. Their feet are worshipped by the broad bed of glittering white sand, one of the finest I have seen, which is teased continuously by the azure water. The beach is soft as well as supple, lutande såväl som brant, eventuellt formad av vindens konstfulla händer såväl som vågorna. Inte extremt långt från stranden är en korallträdgård såväl som mitt i den, ett av de fartyg som sänktes under andra världskriget. Svart kanske inte är ett inbjudande ett namn för en ö men detta paradis har vad en strandbum kan begära såväl som mer. Just här i Busuanga är Black den nya vita.

Hur man kommer dit: Black Island är vanligtvis en del av Calauit Island -resor som kan bokas i Busuanga och Coron. Dagsutflykter från Coron genom en resebyrå/researrangör kostar cirka P2300 per huvud. Om du är en enorm grupp kan du chartera en personlig båt för P7500 för 1-4 PAX eller P9000 för 5-8 PAX.
Black Island Entréavgift: P150

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